Pnakotic Manuscripts

The Pnakotic Manuscripts (or Pnakotic Fragments) is a grimoire created originally by the Great Race of Yith and kept in their library-city of Pnakotus before being moved to frozen Lomar and the Dreamlands.


A grimoire that has Evocation & Necromancy spells in ritual form. It has a risk of drawing something out of the Far Realms.

Historical Details


It seems to be a powerful grimoire that is able to draw power from a race of ancient beings with connection to the Far Realm.


All that is known is as follows:   The ~1,011 (MXI) Pnakotic Fragments make up several books that include:
  • The "pre-Pleistocene" records of the Great Race, they were later added to by the prehuman worshippers of Tsathoggua (the Voormis) and then by the Pnakotic Brotherhood, right up to the flight from Lomar, when copies were carried into the Dreamland, among other places. Each generation of the Brothers added to the text.
  • The eighth fragment deals with Rhan-Tegoth.
  • The story of Sansu who climbed the mountain Hatheg-Kla when the world was young but found nothing.
  • An Untranslatable section containing the symbol found carved atop Hatheg-Kla after the disappearance of Barzai the Wise.


The documents can easily drive the reader insane if not prepared and can draw both mystical energy & unknown creatures of the Far Realms into the Material Plane. By doing so, it is banned by most societies and avoided by many.
"I have had the fortune of only seeing a small section of those Fragments in my time. When in the Dreamlands they were shown to me, and it nearly blasted my mind to shreds. Horrific.   Every time I think of it, there are 'things' calling me to those outer reaches of the Far Realms. Ancient indescribable horrors who twist, and horrors best left as cast-offs of an insane god. Yet I feel their presence in our world too, always lurk, hiding, and waiting to be let in or for when the stars are right to rise and warp this Plane to their own unknowable will.   Best forget about those spells. They are as cursed as much as the forgotten Race of Yith. Since no-one, not even the dragons themselves, can tell you much if not anything about them, then best get rid of them. Only the most ancient for their kind would know and best let them sleep the eons away unless you force them into senility even further."   Emon Kanis, speaking to an unknown Arab trader in the year 781 AD.


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