Persia is an ancient term for an area that takes in the eastern Middle East. Populated for thousands of years, Humanity is the dominant species with others forced into the background now. The latter consists of the Jackalweres, Yuan-Ti, Djinn / Jinn, and tribes of Gnolls.


There is a wide variety of terrain found in old Persia, from grasslands / scrublands, to deserts, hills & mountains, to lush plains and small groupings of trees. Large rivers such as the Euphrates flow through the region. Arable land is found around these rivers and around lakes. It has the Indian Ocean to the south, the Mediterranean to the west, and limited access to the Black Sea & Caspian Sea. Large swathes are scrubland & desert

Ecosystem Cycles

Summer weather generally lasts longer than most with it being closer to the equator, though Spring & Autumn lasts slightly shorter. Winter, compared to more northerly regions barely lasts any length of time, only really impacting the region at higher elevations. Most animals & plants are active most of the year, and usually migratory.

Localized Phenomena

Sandstorms are common, and there are usually storms on the coasts where the cooler sea air meets the warmer air coming of the land.


The climate can range from warm, slightly humid, to hot and dry regularly year-round. Cooler along the coasts and higher in mountain ranges these are known to have the wider range of temperatures and water particulates.


Inhabited since ancient times, it has seen the rise and fall of nations & empires. Not much is known about the earliest empires though dusty old tombs and other buildings are found once in a while. Much of the earliest peoples were made up of creatures that weren't human. of these the Gnolls left barely a scratch behind. The rest left behind some elements of their existence. The Jackalwere left little trace except in the form of cave paintings and such here & there, while the Djinn / Jinn seem to have had their civilisation disappear deep in many forbidden and forgotten places. As for the Yuan-Ti, what remains is regularly infested with them, or plundered and destroyed by humans.   Since the rise of humanity, many empires have risen, and it is regularly part of the area nicknamed The Cradle of Civilisation. The Babylonians, Sumerian & the Akkadians all ruled here in time. The Achaeans ruled a vast empire for a while before it weas conquered by Islamic forces who coalesced into the Umayyad Caliphate, and recently have been took over by the Abbasid Caliphate.
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