Giant-kin - Oni, the Asian Ogre-kin

Oni are a race of giants found throughout Nippon (or Japan to outsiders). They are usually blue or red in colour and evil. They are classed as 'foreigners' in Nippon, and seem to have came at the same time as Buddhism from China. They can be converted to Buddhism, and those that do are good in nature. They are spellcasters, as well as cruel and malicious. They have pink, red, or blue grey skin, with horns, three toes, three fingers, and sometimes three eyes. Since they came from China, there are enclaves throughout the Far East, and look to dominate those around themselves.
  The Oni are a subspecies of giant that fought during the dragon wars early in Earth's history and settled in the Far East after the end of the war. There they opposed the dragons that exist there (the latter are tied to the gods), and they fill the ranks of demons, along with any other kind in localised traditions.
  Each Oni will disguise itself during the day taking the form of humans, or other humanoids who live in an area. When travelling through an area it will take a note of any humanoid that it can abduct later. When it abducts someone it will eat them. Their magical nature and having some ogre traits in them, disposes them to working with other evil creatures. When they do they expect a luxurious home for themselves, and access to magic, and because of this they like to work with evil magic users.
  Most giants, at least in Europe, are aware of the Oni, but avoid dealing with them, finding the Oni arrogant, demanding and no better than Ogres or Trolls.


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