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The Elder Evil is a class of gods along with the Star Gods. Both are primarily interchangeable, usually one and the same just under different names & slight differences in details. This appears due to whoever is reacting with the deity, the language they speak, and societal / religious norms of the individual. A few exist that seem to buck the trend and exist outside one group and not the other. One way many who are versed in these beings point out, is that the Elder Evils are regularly tied to extraplanar events, while the star gods seem to have a more earthly presence, despite both having come to Earth in the past. Also, the star gods seem to have a connection to a place of myth called the Dreamland.   An Elder Evil appears to have a specific form, and each is highly mutable, just like the Star Gods. Both are also served by cults & star spawn, postulating a possible common origin. Elder Evils are vied as being ancient and possibly primordial just like the Star Gods, and some occultists speculate that they are possible branches of one large family of such beings, or even enemies at war since time began.   The Star Gods are more visible to the general public, though many don't necessarily recognise them as such. They are more active in the worlds that are inhabited by mortals. The other Elder Evils just aren't as much. Some species, like the Beholders & Mind Flayers are aware of them, but even they know very little about the others. Spar Gods prefer to live in the Material Plane or at least have an avatar of themselves there. Some actively collect mortal cultist & souls, others seem oblivious to mortals.  
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Sat, Mar 26th 2022 01:19
As most who look into my world will notice, a number of cults exist in it. Quite a few will have specific creatures and/or individuals attached loosely. Anyone who is curious about these can always ask on this board. This could be, 'Why a cult like this?' or 'What is the inspiration behind that?' Always worth asking, Any suggestions you might have let me know too.
"I was there. I was there at the beginning. And I saw everything. The beginning of the multiverse, in all it's splendour. A miniscule explosion, micrometres or less in diameter, Then the expansion, all time and matter, and all dimensions rushing out like water from a burst dam. The speed of it happening. Milliseconds if even. The heavens & hells, and dimensions that existed before, expanding to make room for the birth of what was to come. The birth and growth of material planes, the growth and formation of stars, whole thing expanding out pushing back the old planes. Altering them, allowing the birth & death of old gods, old useless planes and their inhabitants. New life, new worlds, new stars, and new beginnings. Everything seemed perfect. But not necessarily so. There has to be balance, and there is no such thing as a pure vacuum. Something always appears there. While the dragons populated the first world, with their own gods present, rooted in the material plane, there were others too. Waiting. Waiting for this time to be born truly as well. Built into the fabric of the Far Realms, these creatures seized the opportunity to take on physical form at that microsecond the material plane burst into existence. Their master, the being others call Azathoth had been waiting and seeded them throughout the universe. They grew at the same time as the universe did, and took to visiting worlds and where possible seeded a few with life. All these creatures are known to be of a strange mutable semi-organic material that mimics actual living tissue. Their children also spread throughout the universe, and affected the mortal species warping them as they went.   There they sat, tucked away across different worlds, watching and waiting, growing strong. A the while others developed empires, some living some dying. The C'tan may have known, though nobody can be sure after them & their minions lost the War In Heaven. The victors in that conflict are even more enigmatic, and never mention anything about the Elder Evils or Star Gods, whatever you want to call them. The dragons tore themselves apart before losing the First World, all the while many more went the same way.   But I digress... Maybe its a good thing few know of these entities. The shear primordial chaos they embody, partly due to their birth, partly due to their very nature, is best left to older tales that will fade in time. At least that is all we can hope for. Just us elder beings remembering. at least for the time being."   Lai'tuke the Ancient, the Star Wanderer, and the last entry in her journal found half rotting in the jungles of central Africa. Translation made in 152 BC Library of Alexandria. Translator unknown, though thought of to be a child who vanished shortly after.
The Birthing of Star Spawn / Star Children   Star Gods & Elder Evils don't give birth in the conventional sense. Many can mate with other of their peers that leads to something akin to other species, 'birthing' others of their kind. Yet in every case these new 'birthed' deities are as different as any two different genus of animals. The same can be said about the Star Spawn / Star Children to some extent.   The Spawn are created by a number of means. Some are formed by what appears to be polyps that grow & fall off the god itself, creating new life, aberrant as the god itself, though this seems to be rare. The most common method seem to be mortal creatures affected by the energy of Far Realms being channelled through the god itself, which acts like a focus for the change. This leads to many mortal creatures taking on aspects of the specific god that affects it. Some have this done deliberately such as cultists, and their sacrifices, others unwillingly or even unwittingly, when subjected to the energy for any length of time.   Certainly when one of the gods are present, or a cult tapping into it's latent power, it can affect a group or region, leading to it as a by-product alone. When one dies while affected, it gets sucked into the relevant region of the Far Realms where it is changed into one of the spawn. It would also explain the amount of spawn a god seems to have as followers at any one time. With billions of years, budding some from it's own body, as well as cults & the very odd portal in a region, leads to a regular supply of fresh bodies & souls to corrupt.   Something about the energy acts to corrupt organic tissue, yet no exact reason can be found. It is likely very chaotic nature, mixed with the latent mutability of these gods seem to be the cause. Almost like a plague spreads so do these changes.

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