Efreets - Fiery Desert Evils

Efreets (also known as : Efreeti, Ifrit, Afreet, Afrit, or Afrite)  are evil Jinn that are usually found in hotter regions, especially in the Middle East & North Africa. Ifrit is masculine, and Ifritah is female. They are of reddish colour when regularly met, and have a nasty temper. In Islamic sources they are malevolent supernatural entities, and a part of the Jinn, and likely follow Iblis, though a few have found peace with Allah, and follow Islamic scripture. Their name seems to mean Rebellious. They are usually found underground, or frequenting ruins, and have a similar structure to many Arabic cultures, with kings, tribes, & clans. They are also though of as having immunity to most mortal weapons with magic being the main weapon against them. They usually marry one another, and in rare cases humans.


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