Dragon Cults

Around the world, dragon cults existed since ancient times. With dragons being so long lived, and wielding such power it didn't take long for many sentient species to start worshipping them. Some creatures and societies are more prone to this than others. The Kobolds & Dragonborn are prone to set up or join cults worshipping dragon, partly because of the former is easily dominated by powerful creatures, and the latter has strong bonds to their ancestors.   In regions like the Far East, and some far away places round the world dragons are seen as being aspects of the gods. This leads to regular worship of them, especially in the Far East. In the others it is as much a matter of survival to placate such powerful creatures. In places such as those in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, the cults are generally well hidden & very low in numbers. This is mainly due to the religious & societal beliefs in dragons being dangerous destructive threats, and creatures to be tamed or slain by heroes. This has led to only the most powerful dragons surviving in these regions, and in out of the way places, making cults difficult to form. Most followers (other than Kobolds & Dragonborn), have a tendency of being human, Tiefling, Half-Orc, or Black Elf. A few other races can be found in the mix too, though their rarity makes their numbers lower compare to the rest.   An average cultist will look to carry out orders to bring the dragon more treasure, as an assassin, thief, or warrior, and a few will act like a priestly class for them. A few will also act as guards and handymen for the dragon, extending living quarters, treasure vaults, and setting traps to protect both the dragon and it's hoard. Sometimes they will act as mouthpieces for the dragon itself, as it would save the dragon the bother of interacting with 'lesser' creatures. Most followers will carry out orders willingly if the dragon is one of the metallic variety, or under duress if it's chromatic. The latter generally will not let it's master know this, as it could end up as food if the dragon is peckish or annoyed.


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