Destroyer of Worlds & End Time Overview

Some beliefs have an notion that the world will be destroyed, and a new one will be born from the old. These are also accompanied by a belief of a destroyer is to come to usher this in.   The Christians have the belief in an Unholy Trinity in the shape of the Devil, the Beast, and the Antichrist. This is in conjunction with the Seven-Headed Dragon being accompanied by the Whore of Babylon. Doing so, the world will be split between the believers and non-believers, the latter getting the Mark of the Beast. According to some versions & scholars, this is the Mark of the Beast & either the number 666 or 616 (depends who works out the number from the name of the Antichrist). After an apocalyptic battle the believers will win, and a glorious new age under God, and Jesus shall follow.   The Muslims believe in a similar tradition, involving the evil creatures Gog & Magog taking part. Again, a judgement shall be passed after a great conflict where evil & the unbelievers are to be destroyed, and cast into hell.   The Hindus believe that certain periods of time fall under different aspects of their pantheon of deities. When the time is under Kali, destroyer & rebirth goddess, she will destroy the world that is known. When this happens she will birth a new world with life again.   The Norse, and to a degree, the other closely related Germanic pagans, believe in Ragnarok. Here, they believe that the dead shall rise, and the gates of Hell open. J√∂rmungandr, Fenris/Fenrir, Loki, and Surtr set out to destroy all life with the gods sacrificing many of themselves to defend Midgard. Odin and Fenris will kill each other, while J√∂rmungandr & Thor will destroy each other too. Surtr will destroy the remainder letting the remainder be reborn, and humanity without the need for deities. Saying this, many Elves & Dwarves believe the same.   In these instances beings such as the Devil, Gog & Magog, Kali, Loki & Surtr are greatly feared, and servants of them are sometimes rooted out where possible. Some, such as Kali, are less likely to be feared though, mainly due to the idea of rebirth being a part of Hindu belief. It is not generally feared by the Hindu populations of the world. In instances of the Antichrist, Christian peoples generally fear the idea of him, or even her, being born into the world. They keep an eye out in case he / she is born leading to the destruction of the world. In the Islamic world, any being with suspected links to Gog & Magog, or evil Jinn is ruthlessly supressed in the off-chance they attract the attention of Iblis, and start the apocalypse.


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