Demonic Attacks

Sometimes a person will suffer a demonic attack, but for the demon or devil to never fully materialise. When this happens a few notorious incidents & phenomena may happen.   Sometimes bodily fluids will leak down a wall, and even form words & short sentences. Voices can be heard softly speaking in tongues, or negatively. The temperature drops, and in rare occurrences may even increase, though both times these will make the spot unbearable. There is usually a feeling of being watched or followed, and touched. Clothes can be pushed or people poked. Gusts of wind from no known sources can be felt. Bedsheets can be pulled off, and scratching noises heard, or seen on items, and even creatures attacked & clawed. In the cases of scratching there is usually three such scratches, with it being a mockery of the Holy Trinity in Christianity and also a few other religions where three is seen as a sign of holiness. Peoples personalities change and they become more lethargic and more aggressive as the place feels oppressive, and they won't be allowed to sleep. Sometimes a portal is present too.   Many of these are linked to magical practises and a few are linked to extreme emotional events in the past. The latter regularly involves death, and a few times starts off as a haunting, then draws in more & more negative energy that attracts demons & devils. Some of the worst instances can result in someone being possessed, and many manifest if a young child is present, as well as being tied in with the Witching Hour.


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