Deicide - the God Killer

The weapon known as Deicide is a deadly blade steeped in the blood of deities, their minions, and countless lives. Believed to have existed for hundreds of thousands of years its exact origins are unknown only being mentioned in ancient blasphemous texts & grimoires.


Countless eons in the distant past, a creature of the Far Realms crafted a blade so nefarious only a creature of absolute madness could do such a thing. At the time a conflict raged between deities carving up other realms between themselves. So devastating was this war this creature saw the chance to feast on the empyric energy of the deities and the minions form from these beings own spiritual energies. It saw the chance to create a weapon that could damage all in this War in Heaven, while deriving the sustenance to grow itself into a being of supreme godhood.   Taking rare obsidian from a planet then known as Gaia, it crafted a greatsword of exquisite beauty with adamantine, silver & mithril (metals already present in the obsidian). Serpents were crafted from these as the guards and for the pommel, and it fed on the blood in strange unholy rituals allowing it to kill anything easily. Even more so it was imbued with a spell that could be applied to knock down a specific creature that the user had the true name off. By using the blood of evil cult leaders and the fat of the purest Celestials this ability could be unlocked.   The creature is one of pure malevolence and when the War in Heaven finished, it found that the blade could still be of use. More so if it could gain more power especially over its brothers & sisters known to some as the Ancient Ones, to others as the Outer Gods, and more known them as the Great Old Ones. So it sent it to the Material Plane and particularly to worlds (including Gaia) where these immensely powerful deities had interests on.   When found it shaped many powerful destinies where its appearance has been linked to the killing of highly important people, such as Julius Caeser, Hannibal of Carthage, and Atila the Hun. It waits now, waiting to be discovered again to draw the blood of powerful creatures to feed the lifeforce of its creator and hasten its dominance of all planes.


Rumoured to be the ultimate god-killer and a 'cursed' weapon, many creatures who dabble too long in the dark arts have heard stories of it. They eventually crave such a weapon to allow them to strike against the gods themselves.
"Those who wield this sword is my champion, and by anointing it with the blood & tallow of our enemies shall they be struck down. Our lord Set has decreed that those of us that follow him shall forever rule Pangea from our seat in Lemuria. Let no other being dare stand before us, whether Yuan-Ti, Dragon, Necromancer, or mortal. It is the sword that laid the one called Kull the Conqueror low, and after him Conan the Cimmerian. And down through the ages it has served us and more. Those that came before, and those that will come after will feel it's majesty!   Bring us the Celestial's tallow candles, and the blood of a temple's worth of Shub-Niggurath's priests! Tonight, at the witching hour we will name the next to fall to such a sword. Our enemies are everywhere, and our champion seeks to test his arm against the priesthood of the Void, and their allies, the Order of the Gash. They will fall like sheafs of wheat, when the blade is anointed in blood in the blood circle and the sweetly laced candles burn.   What shall happen is the head of those they call The Serpent Whose Breath Poisons the Land. This serpent will fall to us and we will plunder her secrets and live for an eternity to come until the stars burn out bringing eternal darkness."   A story lifted from the Book of Eibon written in an ancient & long forgotten language.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Current Location
Legendary if not mythical, only one is rumoured to exist.
Base Price


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