Daemonette of Slaanesh

Daemonettes are the handmaidens of Slaanesh. They are pale skinned, with dark crablike claws, and what looks like birds talons for the bottom half of their legs. Primarily bald with a topknot of long black or pastel coloured hair, they also have pointed ears & large black eyes. They have a right breast of a female, and the left male. Long purplish tongues & fangs are in their mouths, and they are capable of bursts of speed. Each Daemonette are aggressive, and wears some type of corset. A small tail appears out their back, and they use magical glamour to confound their foes, while preying on their opponents pleasures twisting them to the extreme. Each takes a perverse delight in corrupting mortals, and seems drawn to Elves more than any others. A Daemonette will work as a pack to bring down whole communities drawing them into the worship of Slaanesh.


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