Artificers Guild of Mecca

The Artificers Guild of Mecca is a relatively new organisation. They have been formed only two three years ago by the Saud family to help build contraptions for use by the citizens of the local tribal groups. At the same time, most of their builds are used by the local military for use in peacekeeping and war. None of this can exist without he knowledge of their Abbasid overlords who control the region. So far, the major works consist of two flying devices, the Clockwork Apsia Arabica.


A rotating set of Emirs looks after the day to day running of the Guild, as well as helping to fund research. They regularly report to the Abbasid Caliphate any discoveries they may find.   The rest is made up of Gnomes, and at least one Dwarven slave brought from the north.


The Guild is given carte blanch to do any research that they want as long as the majority of it can be put to use, and quickly. The ends justify the means, and most of the Gnomes do not care w ho they work for, as long as they are left alone to work. The emirs also do not care as they see it as a bit of a joke, though a few inventions, especially the flyers, are worth a substantial amount. Most of the inventions are hidden away when not in use, regularly maintained, and heavily guarded.

Public Agenda

The public looks upon the guild with a mix of superstition, and down on them. They appear as a mix of mad scientists, and more likely will end up blowing themselves up.   The local hierarchy (and the Abbasid Caliphate) lets the people know that some of the devices invented will eventually make their way to market. This is to fund further research, and to improve relations with the public. Part of this is to make the lives of the common folk more easier in the long run.


The greatest assets are the Gnomes and the Dwarf slave. They know how to design, tinker with, and build many devices that can be used in military conflict, and to make jobs like farming & building easier.   A whole district is dedicated on the outskirts of Mecca for workshops, warehouses, ore / metal processing, gem cutting, and building of the numerous devices. A small army of local slaves help with the grunt work, and the military helps guard it all. A small treasury is stocked with gold to allow for payments of any kind as well, though comes any where close to the local Emirs.


A few years ago a bunch of Gnome artificers were experimenting on the world of Eberron with gates that held permanent portals, that could be used to travel between cities or other important locations. Unfortunately something malfunctioned and seems related to a thing called the Mournland. The Gnomes themselves refuse to talk about the latter, and nothing will make them.   What happened next was it broke spectacularly and sucked the Gnomes in en mass throwing them into the middle of Mecca. When the militia surrounded them, they asked for help and the local emirs were summoned, and given the details of what happened. Many of the Gnomes had been working in many different fields on the side and if allowed to try to build a permanent gate home they would happily supply items of interest to the local authorities.   Seeing the chance to rise in power the emirs agreed, along with the governor, who duly passed the information on up to the ruling Caliphate. The latter seen the chance to improve his own standing in the world, and the chance to make trade routes to another world. There was a chance a massive backlash of some type (whether magical or otherwise) could happen, so decided to let the Saud family take over in charge of the local emirs, and reporting directly to the governor (who just happened to be a Saud family member too).   So far it has borne fruit, with the two flying machines and one & two handed weapons appearing in some military units. Better farming equipment, and techniques & materials for building has also been brought forward.
"Excellent work people, excellent work. At least everything is on par with what we expected. We'll be treated well for a while after this"   Dentri il-rofli, Gnome artificer and head of the Flyer program.
Founding Date
798 AD
Guild, Craftsmen
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