Viktor Mengele

Physician Viktor Franken Mengele

Viktor Mengele comes from a line of Bavarian healers and physicians. Highly intelligent and with a sadistic streak, he is also very charismatic dealing with many local chieftains and their families. With the Bavarians being found in a region split between the Franks & Saxons, his skills have been put to use by both sides. He play's off both sides for payment and for the chance to experiment on living organisms.   He is in his mid 20's and has made a name for himself, and runs a makeshift hospital out of an old abandoned fort north west of Saltsburg. There he has a large underground chamber where he stores victims for experimentation, and his experiments are akin to torturing the victims to death. After any dies, he will continue experimenting with the dead tissue, including trying to reanimate the dead using pseudoscientific & necromantic techniques. A couple of failed experiments escaped from here and has so far not be captured along with no trace as to where they even came from.   Most people initially warm to him, but after an extended period start to feel an unease round him. This is especially true when they find that he helps both the Saxons & Franks with prisoners of war. Many of the prisoners end up disfigured, and nearly all die shortly after being introduced to the 'good' physician. So far neither side has had the time to fully investigate what he has been up to, or the damage done to the prisoners.

Charming young physician Comes from a long line of physicians Doesn't take sides

Character Location
"I wouldn't trust that physician. He's a butcher that one, and he really doesn't seem to care if you live or die. Yes, he can be charming and all but... there's something about his eyes, and his smile."   Unnamed Saxon soldier, before he died and corpse went missing.
Neutral Evil
Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Dark Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
5ft 9inches
150 lb
Germanic Pagan
Aligned Organization

Cover image: by Gerardus Cremonensis


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