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Lekkar is the chaotic neutral god of water. He is represents the urge to explore and living life to the fullest. He is unpredictable in both his wrath and his favor. Despite this, he is widely followed by sailors, and many people who live in coastal areas. He is depicted as a champion of justice when it suits him, but also an elaborate prankster when justice suits him less. He is sometimes favored by bards for this reason, or those who wish to live outside of the normal bounds of society. He rules by his own laws that are fluid to the circumstance and, presumably, his mood. He often helps those who are traveling, even on the land.   His clerics are highly sought after by sailors to gain his blessing on their journeys. His clergy tend to prefer spending their life on the sea, or near a major source of water. Many of them choose to travel, particularly along waterways, and lend their services to fellow travelers. Their sermons often reflect the fluidity of life, and emphasize adaptation and taking opportunities when they arise.   Temples of Lekkar are often built in ports, and along routes frequently traveled. They might offer a cheap place to sleep and obtain a meal to the weary traveler. They also maintain maps and offer directions along with their guidance on personal matters. His colors are any shade of blue paired with any grey.

Divine Domains

Ocean, Weather, Trade, Freedom

Divine Classification
Greater God
Current Location
Plane of Water

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