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The Unseen Ones

A small tribe of strange creatures consisting of nine individuals lives in caves and ruins deep underneath the Grey Towers of Endoval. They are pallid white creatures with overly large eyes and ears that live in fear of "The Allseer", a being that apparently once ruled over them and others of their kind. Their tribal legends tell of a great escape, where they ran from the Allseer and found their way far, far away - though they still live in fearful paranoia, believing the Allseer is everywhere and might still be watching them. They destroy anything they encounter with a screen or a lens, believing it to be a conduit for the Allseer to spy upon them.

They make their home within a ruined collection of chambers, sleeping on dirt that they have moved in to fill one of the chambers. Any screen or screen-like device they have found has been destroyed - one room, which may once have been a monitoring chamber is now a wall of broken screens. In another chamber, yet more broken screens have been piled high to form some kind of shrine, surrounded by several other objects that have been moved into the room. The Unseen Ones engage in an almost ritualistic practice of sneaking from object to object, keeping out of sight of the central pillar while muttering "You can't see me, you can't see me".

They subsist on a herbivorous diet, comprised mainly of mushrooms that they cultivate themselves, with small groves in the nearby cave systems and within one of the rooms of their subterranean home

Geopolitical, Tribe
Appears In
Nox Journal 5 - Of Crystals and Titans

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9 Jan, 2022 17:55

That was strangely making me feel uneasy / creepy . But being what they are, I get the idea that this might be intended. Short but still left an impact :)

„You are so blinded by the present that you cannot be enlightened by the future.”