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The world has been laid out by the divine according to certain principles, which are and ought to be inviolate. The brilliant renegades known as wizards long ago solved the riddle of how to flaunt the will of the gods. Through their mastery of Old High Elvish, an artificial language developed to efficiently express the mind-bending intricacies and contradictions of spells, magicians can utter blasphemies against the creations of the gods and change the arrangement of reality.   Wizards are quite rare in any population. Few are born with the combination of the innate magical "spark" required to sense magical currents and the requisite intellect to comprehend and prepare spells. Not all of these gifted people are found and enrolled in a course of training, and many of those who are become maimed, killed, or burnt out on the journey from apprentice to wizard. They are unusually common on the Thulean Frontier, flocking there in search of quick wealth and of the rare tomes and lost knowledge of ancient Thule. Wizards who advance in experience level will try to acquire a wizard's tower of their own for research, safety, and amplified magical power.
Alternative Names
Magician, Magic-User, Sorcerer, Magus
Contrary to the Player's Handbook
Languages. You can read & write Old High Elvish, a dead language efficient for expressing spells, but useless for normal speech.
Spellcasting. You only learn new spells, including cantrips, when you find them in the world and take the requisite time to copy them into your spell book. These could be copied from scrolls or taught by other wizards.

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