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Humans  have always been an ambitious, ambulatory people. As their numbers grew and their nations prospered, they sought new lands to settle, and in the ancient forests of the world they found the halflings. Such was the common name they gave to the various pygmy peoples they encountered from the jungles of Zyrania to the boreal forests of Dagriland, for these small, dark beings stand little more than half the height of a man.   Today the halflings have been dispossessed of much of their old lands. The most fertile soils of the lowlands have been cleared of forest for human agriculture, and in the thicker, hoarier forests of the uplands they must compete not only with human woodsmen but with darker, older things that haunt the wilds. Many halflings have abandoned the old ways in light of these changes, and turned in their furs and stone arrowheads for tunics of wool and hoes of iron, working the land in communities nearby those of the big folk. Due to their small stature, they tend to find themselves excused from military service and under the protection of human nobles, who like to make a show of protecting the local halfling commune to demonstrate their good nature.
Scientific Name
Halfling, Halflings, Pygmy, Little Folk
60 to 90 years
Average Height
Males 3'0" to 3'10", Females 2'10" to 3'8"
Average Weight
Males 60 lbs to 90 lbs, Females 50 lbs to 80 lbs
Contrary to the Player's Handbook
Ability Score Increase. You may switch your Dexterity with another of your starting ability scores.
Alignment. Your alignment is unaligned.
Languages. You speak Common. You read & write Common, or speak another language of your choice, or read & write a language of your choice. If your intelligence modifier is +1 or more, choose a language to speak or a language to read & write, choosing a number of times equal to your intelligence modifier.
Subrace. You do not have a subrace.

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