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The world is full of gods. From the godlings and topoi of the countless springs, groves, and peaks to the mighty gods of humanity in their celestial palaces, these weighty spirits are the governors of the world, and must be respected as such. From time immemorial, this has been the purview of the priests, or druids, who maintain shrines, temples, and edicules to the gods. Typically, a druid is described as a servant of either the Many, or the Few. The Many are the innumerable little gods of the world, who hold dominion over something as little as a spring to something as great as a mountain. They are everywhere, and creation is overflowing with their power. The Few are the traditional gods of humanity, worshipped under myriad names and guises in the diverse cultures and tongues of men. Some of the great gods of Mitteland include Malaric, the war god, Audoen, the fertility goddess, and Puvis, the moon. Followers of the old ways revere Miter by the name Gim.   While Syraism rules the consciences of the upper classes and the urban population, the old ways persist throughout broad swathes of the countryside, and even the most reverent Syraites acknowledge bitterly that the old gods must be placated in worship. Druids have been amongst those flocking to the Thulean Frontier, some in service to the gods of immigrating families, others seeking to bolster the might of their god by establishing new shrines as they accumulate power. But Thule had ancient, jealous gods of its own, gods who will seek to again rule over men, now that they have set foot in their domains.
Alternative Names
Priest, King
Contrary to the Player's Handbook
Spellcasting. The list of spells available to you, including cantrips, is granted by your god or gods. They will bestow their miracles only upon their faithful servants.

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