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The Winter Court's territory is as varied as the season for which it has been named. Many would assume it to be a land covered in ice and snow, and although that is part of it, it's not all there is to it. It can vary from snowy mountains, as tall as the clouds themselves, sometimes even more, to frozen lakes, snow covered plains, or even rolling hills where the grass and the plants lay dormant, where the trees are slowly loosing their leaves until nothings is left but their branches reaching up towards the sky. It's a land that encapsulates all variations from Autumn to Winter, and all that entails. It can be beautiful, it can be cruel, it can be harsh. One day there could be soft snow covering everything, the Sun up high making it glimmer while people play outside, and the other the wind could chill you to the bones, screaming and howling while everyone hides inside.   Through all of that, there are the Kalessin. These beasts are more than a pretty face. They can endure extreme weather conditions and still travel for hours. They are strong, capable of carrying up to three people (depending on their size) and their belongings. And they can fly. They might not be as common as other beats of burden like horses, but they're definitely the preferred option.


Kalessin are covered in fur, usually white or grey, and they can grow to be 3 meters tall. Their face has been described as that of a fuzzy dragon - they have a long snout, big bright eyes in a myriad of colors, and horns which do not curve, but spring up from their heads with only a slight bend to them. They have long necks, and an impressive pair of wings, and their paws end in claws capable of digging into the ground and letting them hold their place. They have a long tail, usually made of white hairs that almost touch the ground. They are stronger than they are agile or fast, but once they take to the skies they can be a beautiful mixture of both.


They are gentle creatures, which ultimately made them ideal for everything people needed them to do. They can travel even when the wind is strong, their fur protecting them against the weather and the cutting air. They can see through snow and dense fog just enough to keep going. They can endure several hours of these conditions, although even Kalessin have their limits. But when a horse or other beasts would have collapsed or given up, the Kalessin keep on going. And when the wind stops its violence, they can even take to the skies.   They're ideal animals to traverse mountains with, or even paths considered too dangerous for other animals, seeing as they can use their claws to stay in place, or attempt to fly if they happen to fall. Extreme conditions like these will limit the amount of hours they can travel, but their endurance is still quite admirable. They have a good sense of direction, perfect for when people get lost in the mountains, or are travelling through a snow-covered plain which looks the same no matter which direction you're looking at. And given their size, their strength, they can carry 2 to 3 people on their backs, along with their belongings. Some people even cuddle up to them at night to keep warm, or to protect themselves from the wind or rain, something these animals do not seem to mind at all. They cannot fly for as long as they can walk, but they love doing so, specially when found in the wild. They'll fly with others of their species, even with other animals, aimlessly going nowhere.   The only downside to these beautiful creatures, if it can even be called that, is that they require more food than a horse would. They eat several plants and fruits, as well as insects, and they require big amounts of it. They've been known to go through a traveler's rations if these are left unattended, and to drink their reserves of water if they're not paying attention.   They also do not do well in warmer environments. They will tire very easily, and dehydration is a real threat. They are not naturally found in the Summer Court's territory, and they only sometimes venture into Courtless land. It is very unusual to see one in the Summer Court, and when that happens they're mostly just kept as exotic animals, housed in a cold place to be showcased, rather than used as transportation, or even a pet.   Given their friendly disposition some see them as more than just beasts of burden or a method of transportation - they can be pets, friends, even affectionate towards those who keep them, if they're well treated. They're very determined animals, though, and if they're not treated well, if they're hurt on purpose or forced to do things against their will, they'll leave without a second thought.

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