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The Saga of the Five-Tailed Wolf

Though many stories surrounding Empress Mora Teresh are known historical facts, many others are widely considered to be apocryphal. According to one story, for instance, the Empress once traveled back in time to help the gods create the universe. According to the story, they had the power to do the job, but it was her vision that shaped reality. While this story is definitely a myth that sprang up long after her death, a handful of stories are still debated as to whether they are historical or mythical.   The most well-known - and most well-debated - of these tales is the Saga of the Five-Tailed Wolf. It is first referenced in a palace inscription found on Kildaroth Prime, but it is simply a single picture of Mora plunging a sword into a massive wolf or lion-like creature with five tails. Cave drawings on the other side of the planet depict a similar creature, though the Empress is not depicted. In this drawing, the creature is seen striking down a hunter with one of its five tails, which seem to be barbed.   The oldest written record of the saga is found in the royal library on Balshyr. The record is almost 300 years more recent than the palace painting on Kildaroth Prime, and at least 2,000 years newer than the cave drawings. According to this version of the story, a giant wolf terrorized the planet of Dulghir for hundreds of years. This wolf had enormous, razor-sharp teeth, and five tails with poisonous barbs like a scorpion. One day - during her exile among the Kildaroth - the Annunaki princess Mora Teresh arrived on the planet with a group of Kildaroth soldiers. They were attacked in the forest, hunted down one by one by the Five-Tailed Wolf. Finally, only Mora Teresh was left. She prayed to her father Utu for guidance, and he told her that the beast's power was located in its tails. She fought the creature and finally managed to cut off its tail. With each tail lost the creature grew weaker and weaker until she was finally able to kill it.

Historical Basis

Today, many historians believe that the story was fabricated by hunters who had seen the ancient cave drawings on Kildaroth Prime. The story then spread as the legend of Empress Mora Teresh spread. Others believe that the story has at least some basis in fact, probably arising from either a hunt or some type of military mission Mora took part in during her early adventures. And still others swear the story is completely true. If you spend much time in the wilderness, someone is bound to tell the story sooner or later around the campfire.

In Literature

Over the centuries, numerous books and plays have been written around the story, while hundreds of other works of fiction have at least mentioned it.

In Art

The Saga of the Five-Tailed Wolf has been depicted by hundreds of artists across the Thousand Worlds, though many of these paintings are unknown beyond the planet where they were done.

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