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Nuaneling is the art of channeling smoke with the intent of connecting to the greater force. If done correctly it can allow you to see into different realities and connect on a closer level to the Author. This magic can only be properly practiced by creatures with five fingers. If a creature with four or less fingers attempts this magic it may lead to shaky and unstable connection which my result in false or hazy results.   To start your practice you must have five fingers and a candle. Different candles can offer different benifits. It is understood a candle that gives off a sent will quicken the connection.   To begin channeling you must light the candle and position yourself so that your hands can easily rest over the candle. This may be sitting cross-legged and placing the candle in your lap or this could mean placing it on a table top. Then place your right hand over your left hand and place your fingers os that the smoke flows over them.   On your right hand, tuck your thumb under your other fingers. Like you are making a platform for the other fingers to rest on. This will be your receiving finger.   On your right hand, touch your thumb together with your pointer. Your thumb will be your receiving finger (it is the same for both hands). Each finger has a meaning and use which you will learn and memorize over time.   The Left hand   Thumb: receiver This finger is what receives the messages of the other fingers. It acts as a blank page for the other fingers to write on.   Pointer: direction This finger is used to find guidance or clarification on a decision or otherwise. When used it commonly leads to allegorical visions or sometimes strong impulses.   Middle: deception This finger can be used to see through deception (and sometimes to cast deception if used wrongfully). It can also be used to sort out past miss-truth and clarify things of the past. When used it commonly leads to vivid and clear visions of past events exposing truth or solidifying it. This is the most interesting of the fingers and their uses since it has one specific purpose. This causes those who practice Nuaneling that the Author's desire is for no lie to stand in the Thicket.   Fourth: decipher This finger has many uses and it is believed that there are more than generally known and that individual practicers my develop exclusive uses for it. It is commonly used to chose between decisions, but it can also be used to look through to an individual's intentions and even translate text or speech!   Pinky: deliver This is the finger that is hardest to master. It allows the practicer to send a message or strong feeling to another being. It is believed that no matter who the message is directed to, the Author receives the message as well. Most practicers do not master this skill after much dedicated practice.   The Right hand   Thumb: receiver This finger is what receives the messages of the other fingers. It acts as a blank page for the other fingers to write on.   Pointer: flower This finger is the drive of love, growth, color, hope, and youthfulness.   Middle: Water This finger is the drive of peace, clarity, and purity.   Fourth: Moon This finger is the drive of light, understanding, sleep, divinity, and truth   Pinky: Thunder This finger is the drive of authority, force, shadow, power and fear. (this drive is the most dangerous and difficult to bend. Most practers do not use this finger to eliminate any misuse.)     To use your right hand lightly tap any of your desired four fingers against your receiving finger to bend and sway your connection. To use your left hand touch any one finger together with your receiving finger. Doing this you are beginning the start of a connection!   Example: On your left hand you may use your direction drive and on your right hand you may tap the water drive. This will ask for a vision or of understanding, giving peace to a decision or otherwise. You may also alternate drives on your right hand, but If you alternate drives on your left, your previous connection will be severed and a new one will begin.   For this magic to work you must link the drive of the connection to your personal mind. That is where the magic will happen. You must guide the drive with your thoughts to gain the desired result.   NOTE: This practice can be dangerous. It's uses are mostly know inside of the Thicket, but elsewhere could be dangerous. Practice this magic with caution.

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