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WWW Carnival Brochure

Programs! Get your program! Worth it in time saved at twice the price!

You, sir! Do you have a program? Well, how do you intend to navigate the Wondrous World in front of you if you don't have a program? For just five silver, you will get this fine document that will also serve you as a keepsake of your time here for years. Today, you will use it to find the quickest route from the beer tent to the Feats of Strength, but years from now, you'll read it and remember your time at the Menagerie, showing your kids the great tentacle beast.

These are each hand made and limited. I promise you, you will never regret your purchase here today.

— Program Hawker
Willem's Wondrous World Carnival


The program is a rundown of the various attractions, including a map of the carnival. It can generally only be afforded by wealthier guests, so it is in some ways a marker of those who have more money than most at the carnival.
Willem's Wondrous World Carnival cover
Guide, Generic
Authoring Date
Updated as needed for each new site
Expiration Date
When the Carnival leaves town

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Cover image: by Chance Rose


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