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Water of Life

The one armed hobgoblin watched as the drops collected at the end of the distillation coil. He had dedicated his life to creating those precious drops, and it was almost done. He had created the Water, and when the purification was complete, he would be ready to drink.

Plink. As the first drop hit the flask, he began a prayer to his god. Plink, plink, plink. The drops were coming a bit faster now, and his prayer became a chant, focusing his mind. Plink, plink, plop. The flask was filling now, as the liquid covered the bottom. Excitement welled in him, and he forced it from his mind. He must be prepared.

Eventually, even the chant washed away, and he felt like the calm at the center of the storm. He looked up, and the dripping had stopped. The vial had an ounce of crystal clear liquid - enough for what he needed. He removed it from the ice bath and returned to his meditation circle. Sitting in the center of the circle, he paused to take one last look. The he upended the flask into his mouth and cast it aside. Moments passed, and he tried to remain focused. Doubt started to creep in, but he banished it. He waited, floating empty in his mind.

Then the light flooded him, and everything shattered.


The Water of Life was the culmination of the drive and determination of the hobgoblin Durdeg Harkonen to become an artificer, a long lost discipline of the ancient Hobgoblins of Valbarra. This is a recreation of the original Water that allowed for artificers to rise before the War of Elves and Orcs.


The Water of Life induces intense psychotropic effects. Senses are heightened, to the point that bright light or loud noises are painful. In the moment, the user feels an incredible sense of oneness with the great Jewel, and straddles the divide between Empyrean and Terrene.

The sense of oneness is tightly tied to the users history. They can feel their place in their lineage, understanding the desires and fears of their ancestors, as well as experiencing some of their lives. There is a limit to how much understanding can be retained, and a mind focused on specific experiences or knowledge will fare better. The first dose is nearly impossible to control, as the flood overwhelms anything the user has experienced.

Item type
Consumable, Magical
Related Condition
Created by Durdeg Harkonen, and the secrets of its creation are only known to him.

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Cover image: by Chance Rose


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