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The Jewel is All

Have you ever felt as though the Deity you worship is hiding things from you? Things that are obvious by just looking at the world, but that your religious leaders or even discussions with the Deity themselves deny that reality? Have you tried to reconcile this by attributing it to faith, or to mysterious ways that we are not meant to know?

That's not why you feel that way - you feel that way because they are lying to you. All of them, from the Gods to the Devils, they all claim something they cannot provide. They can provide one facet of the truth - the Jewel can provide them all. It is not as simple as saying that Order and Chaos are opposites of each other, although the Lords and the Anarchs would have you believe it to be so. Neither can exist without the other because they are meaningless without the comparison. That doesn't make them opposing forces, it makes them fundamental to reality, working together to create this world.

No matter who you choose to worship, you will be denying something fundamental to the world. Corrine seems the epitome of what we should seek, healing those in need, but they focus on their tiny facet of the Jewel to the detriment of all else. They do not heal the animals of the forest when they are wounded, because they do not see other creatures as important as their narrow view of civilized life deserving of protection. But Tempatia, or Estaes, are no better, ignoring the needs of those that have outgrown their protection, and often fighting against ways to bring nature and civilization together.

Give up your Gods and Devils! Realize that Death and Life are intertwined, and should be celebrated together! When you embrace all truth, you will find truth within yourself. When you embrace all of existence, you will be embraced. Forgo petty wars between forces that do not have your needs in mind, but demand that you subject yourself to their needs and whims. The Jewel is the source, and the light, and it will never treat you falsely!

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