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Tenets of Adalci

The Vicar comes to town today,
Came the shouting from the crier,
He'll be passing judgement on us all,
and preaching to the choir.
He's good and right, (did I say good?)
He'll teach us how to live,
Just follow the words he passes out,
And your sins he will forgive.
— Excerpt from "The Vicar"
Unknown follower of Kolero


The tenets of Adalci lay out the fundamentals of his church, and the basis of any judgments they give. Judgments from the church consider local law, but ultimately follow the tenets where they conflict.

Document Structure


The document is simple, containing the six tenets of Adalci and an admonishment to follow them.

Publication Status

The priests of Adalci, especially Parochial Vicars, have many copies of the tenets. They distribute them freely to any who want one, and make sure all town criers have a copy.

Legal status

The document forms the basis for the Church of Adalci , and all followers are expected to follow it. It is advised that any who seek a judgment from the church be fully aware of the tenets.

Historical Details


The document exists as a way to simply explain the basics of the religion to people not close to a church of Adalci. It became necessary as more and more areas started calling on the priests of Adalci to provide legal judgments.
Decree, Religious
Vellum / Skin
Signatories (Organizations)

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