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Lakeview Inn

The Lakeview Inn may have had a view of the lake once, but now the only place where it can be seen is on the south end of the roof's ridge. It's still a comfortable inn, with wrought iron tables and well cushioned chairs. The two story stone building with a slate roof is in an L-shape, with the kitchen in the smaller branch of the L and the bar just out side it. A private dining room is at the far end of the larger wing, and in between is the common area, bar, and stairway to the upper level.

The upper level contains a large room over the kitchen that has five bunk-beds, sleeping ten, and a row of small wardrobes for the occupants. A small corner of the room is curtained off, with a wash basin and chamber pot, plus a chute to the septic pit outside. The rest of the level has five different private rooms, each with a double width bed, a dressing table with a wash basin and chamber pot, wooden shutter windows and a separate chute for dumping waste, and a small wardrobe. Finally, above the private dining room, is the owners suite.

The owner, a bronze Dragonborn woman named Craddoskaln Nella, took over the bar when her husband was killed. A fight had broken out in the bar, and when he tried to break it up, he ended with a knife in his belly, and bled to death in the middle of the common room. The stain has never completely disappeared, although some suspect that Nella ensures that it doesn't. Regardless, she will not tolerate fighting, and will use her Rod of Rulership to put an end to any fighting, resorting to her lightning breath and the help of any charmed if someone fails to fall under her sway. Any who participated in the fighting will be put to work for the next eight hours mucking out the pit and carting the waste to the river. The rod had been part of the inn since it was founded, always being passed down, but most owners had kept it safely tucked away due to the believe that the inn would be cursed if it was ever removed from the inn. Nella won't see a repeat of her husband's death, and has it with her at all times.

Founding Date
325 Af
Parent Location


  • Top Bunk (9 cp)
  • Bottom Bunk (1 sp)
  • Private Room (6 sp, +1 sp per extra guest)


  • Chestnut Bread and Whey Cheese (3 cp)
  • Stewed Sausage and Blue Cheese (10 cp)
  • Stewed Sausage and Lentils (12 cp)
  • Buckwheat Porridge (3 cp)
  • Salted Grouse and Dried Turnip (10 cp)


  • Ale (5 cp)
  • Mead (8 cp)
  • Wine (12 cp)
  • Rye Spirits (11 cp)
  • Fire Water (8 cp)

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