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Father of Civilization, Justice, and Pride

In the Second Age, the smiths knew Steel, and Masons knew Concrete;
Rivers were dammed, chasms were bridged, and armor was forged;
In the greatest of cities, masters traded and competed, and made Wonders;
And the greatest of the masters created swords of deadly beauty, matched by none.

The greatest of masters knew that he was the greatest, and took pride in it;
His students rose to become great masters themselves, though none as great as he;
Then he went to the market, and was looking over the wares of a visiting caravan;
And he saw a sword, pearl grey and gleaming, with an edge sharper than a razor.

His pride tore at him, for he saw in the sword a greater master than himself;
He looked around, searching for the smith who made the sword;
To meet them, to tell them that they were the greater master smith;
And to learn how the sword was made, and to make his own.

He found the smith - five feet tall, with massive arms and reddened skin;
His beard was wrapped in bronze rings, and he held a hammer as fine as the sword;
Before the greatest of masters could speak, the smith sized him up and asked;
"Are you the greatest master?" The master said he was, once, but then he saw the sword.

The smith smiled, and said, "Prideful, but honest. You will do.";
The smith told the master, "Come to my forge, in the village by the sea."
The master followed him, to the forge, to learn the secret of the sword and the hammer.
And there he was shown, by the Father Himself, the secret of the Steel.
— The Word of Fierte
Current Location
Date of Birth
Big, dark eyes, normally squinting against glare
Short and slicked back, dark brown or black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Red tinged from long exposure to flames of the forge
210 lbs
Ruled Locations

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