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Dwarven Bow

My back was already breaking from being hunched over in the tunnels - it was fine for the Dungeoneers, with them being dwarves, but I had to hunch the entire time. Then the scout came creeping back up the corridor, and I knew I was going to have to get prepared to fight in this miserable state.

Well, Glod listened to the scout for a minute, and then signaled for archers. I looked at him like he was crazy, because he was - no way could I draw my longbow in here. I'd be lucky to be able to find the room to string it. He waved me off - wasn't even talking to me.

Four of 'em came up from the back, squeezing past to forma front rank. They each had a circle of what looked like horn on their belts - I'd noticed them on the way, and had wondered what they were. Turns out, they were the dwarves version of a bow, and just like the dwarves, they were short but incredibly powerful.

I watched as one of 'em took a bow string, pulled the circle apart opposite the handle that had been attached to his belt, and hooked it on. He then pulled the two ends around, completely inverting the circle, and hooked the string on the other tip. Strung, it was only about 20 inches tall, and already under a lot of strain. They each knocked an arrow, and stood ready.

A group of goblins came into view, and all four of them drew and fired, and again. The six goblins were all down before they even had time to realize what had happened, and the archers started to argue over which of them didn't get two kills.

— Human archer
Met in Craghold

Manufacturing process

Thin strips of horn and wood are bound with sinews and glued with some hidden adhesives to curve into the familiar circle. When everything has set, the bows are tested to ensure they can stand the strain. Bows that pass are then affixed with a grip custom made for the owner. Others using the bow will never be quite as proficient with it as the one whose hands it was made for.


The dwarven bow is ideally suited for dwarves height and strength. It can be used in much tighter quarters than a longbow, and is more powerful than other short bows.
Item type
Weapon, Ranged
Common in and near Craghold, rare in Corellum and most dwarven kingdoms, almost unheard of elsewhere.
1.5 lbs
18-22" circle unstrung, 20-26" strung
Raw materials & Components
The dwarven bow is a composite of horn, wood, and sinew. This allows it to flex enough to be a fully reflexive bow.
Dwarven crafters make these bows with standard woodworking tools and some exotic adhesives.

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Cover image: by Chance Rose


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