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Tablet of Ottolenghi - Campaign Breakdown

Plot points/Scenes

Getting it - Component Collection

  1. The Runes of Ottolenghi. Already possessed by Sabaala The Endless. It is a scroll which describes the tablet and how to construct it
  2. The soul of an elven child - A diamond to hold it, a donor for the soul
  3. The beating heart of an Ent - Find an ent, find a high level priest to compel to cast the warp wood spell
  4. The sands of time from the hourglass of Chronos - Find or create a gateway to the Astral plane, get to Tartarus, find Chronos, steal sand, get back again
  5. Water from the river Styx - as for sand
    Building it
  1. Extract the soul of the elven child on a specific night and store it in a gem
  2. Ceremonial sacrifice of the ent in a specific place and the heart placed into a specific container
  3. Build and fit out the manufacturing laboratory. Specific procedures for handling river styx water requires a complicated laboratory layout for the mixing of it with the sands of time
  4. Engrave the completed tablet with the Runes of Ottolenghi
  Testing it - Scale model
  1. A tablet without the soul and heart will slow ageing. Sabaala uses it on one minion but not another and then casts an ageing curse upon both of them and watches them die, comparing the times.
  2. It works but the runes are misspelt, so will need to remake another test tablet
  3. Tests again, preferably on a PC if they have been getting in the way :-), will need a similar race minion as a control
  Using it - Going full scale!
  1. Tie up loose ends
  2. Plan and strategy, use the tablet
  3. Showdown


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