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Chapter: Flitwick Goldeneye

The party have heard of a mage living close by, Flitwick Goldeneye Jones.   Where does he live? - Vyalia Where is that? just north of Thyatis, 30km 2 days easy walk or 4 hours on horseback How will they travel there? - by foot How long will it take? - 3 days slow, 1 day fast? Trouble on the way? Swamp Do any of the party know the way? yes, easy directions as only one road, Any messages to take with them? yes, a recap of their adventures for Reston Tumbleside for the newswire. A letter of introduction from Quintus Goodman What is in Vyalia? - Usual town stuff, inn, shop, basic smith (not weapons or armour) Combat training facilities, Shrine to Poseidon. Who else is in Vyalia?   Is Vyalia defended or protected by walls? - no What is the major activities? - Farming, forestry Who's in charge - Reston Tumbleside how will the party get an introduction to Flitwick? How will he react? Grumpy, but helpful. Party can take up residence as he has spare rooms and staff, but there are strict rules and they must work for their keep.   Flitwick is in need of someone to collect magical ingredients for him. The party are likely candidates if they are interested. He will allow them to live at The Shambles and possibly train them. He wants a large diamond, he knows that the wife of the Duke of Ambros has one in a brooch. he would like the party to acquire it.   Journey through the hills from Elio, West to Ambros. The Duke lives in a Mansion in the town, 2 story plus roof. Stable yard and gardens. Brooch is in the bedroom, The Duke will be attending a banquet in 3 days time with his wife. There is a town watch, patrolling past every hour. There is a theives guild who may contact the party when they arrive in town, Garwrick is know, is he paid up?   When party enter the bedroom, they find Sambaala's henchmen, x3 bagging the brooch. Too much noise will bring the staff   The henchmen have a loyalty mark tatooed on their arms, an infinity sign enclosing two flames   Vyalia should have a temple or shrine, is it to Poseidon? yes, it's on a river.   Is there a thieves guild in Thyan? do they have a representative in Vyalia? did they have one in Thyatis? did they contact Garwrick and [Vanya]?   Seed something interesting for Nora perhaps?   Ingredients to find powdered silver multiple colours of silk cloth mercury (quick Silver) - mine cinnabar, find an alchemist and get the mercury out of it. it will be in an iron flask. diamonds a golden needle mica gems an adder Bone from an undead skeleton A pineal gland (human?) An alchemist to make lead-based ink for illusionary script A will o' wisp or boggart


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