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The Tablet of Ottolenghi

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SENTENCE Sabaala The Endless wants to create and use the Tablet of Ottolenghi, before the next alignment of Pana and Tohu Mai at the Autumn equinox, but he must discover and collect all of its constituents first.   THEME Everything has its price!     The Tablet of Ottolenghi grants immortality and Sabaala wants it because he made a pact with a demon and now has to pay with his life force. He currently maintains his life force by draining others, but the demon will not accept this beyond the next Autumn Equinox, forcing Sabaala to seek a way of becoming immortal in order to appease the demon.   The tablet requires many unpleasant, esoteric and evil ingredients, the heart of an innocent child, the grief of losing a loved one etc.       World background The String of Pearls are six planets share an orbit about their M2 star at 1AU. They have no names save for the ones their inhabitants have given them. One of the worlds is home to an empire called the Vedannan Empire, a classical Greek civilization which has developed to medieval times. Magic is common on this planet and this has caused science to be neglected, but perhaps not by everyone...


  • Map of Tomb of Vyal lvl 2
  • Map of Thyatis

    Our starting place

  • Map of Vedanna and Thyan

    A Map of the starting point of the Vedannan Empire Campaign

  • Map of Tomb of Vyal - 01

    Buried and collapsed, the rooms of the old temple have become an underground labyrinth.

  • Map of Soul of the elven child

    Local map of Thyatis , Elio, Vyalia and Lefkana

  • Map of Vyalia

    The town of Vyalia Settlement. Home to Flitwick Goldeneye in The Shambles