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The System

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The Mainland holds the world's last remaining semblance of order and prosperity. It has a full functioning government and cities inside with suburbs and rural areas to match. The are outside of the Mainland's strong border walls is known as the Outlands (at least to the Mainlanders), filled with the dangers around every corner.   While the Mainland has full functioning economic, political, and social systems in place that resemble the modern world as we know it, the Outlands is home to the worst humanity can offer. Slave-owners, Pirates, Drug dens, and Totalitarian factions all vying for control of certain areas of the continent are just a few of the many deadly enemies one could face when not properly protected.   While inside the huge border walls, the Mainlanders may feel safe even oblivious to the atrocities occurring just beyond, but a growing threat looms deep within its systems of order that the common folk have come to know as security. Key players in the private sector, political representatives, and even neighbors near and far may or may not be apart of this growing system run by the bloody and brutal acts carried out beyond their home territories.   It will mean the fight for survival for a certain few. A man who is employed by the system itself, a woman who is taken captive and made a pawn, and a police officer who stumbles upon the case during an uncommon homicide in the sunny suburbs of Hayburn.