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Scales of Law

From the most minor land disputes and criminal hearings to cases of high treason and grand heresy, every legal trial, both civil and criminal, is under the purview of the Scales of Justice. Only mochillians are permitted to be appointed to the Scales, and usually only on the recommendation of one who is already a presiding Justice.


Each city is overseen by a bench of three justices who preside over minor disputes such as low-level crimes and disputes between local merchants. These three justices report to a bench of five High Justices, who preside over an entire province of the empire and to whom they report any cases whose scope is larger than one city. Overseeing the entire empire is a bench of seven Prime Justices who have the final word on any case or trial concerning the empire as a whole.


The Scales of Law is one of three branches of the church that govern the affairs of the empire as a whole (alongside the Sisters of Mercy and the Swords of Justice).

Divine Origins

At the dawn of the Second Era of Akregia, the three Holy Saints Jeriel, Adriel, and Doriah founded what would become the Akregian Church of Dragons. This church had three branches; the Sisters of Mercy, the Scales of Law, and the Swords of Justice.

Truth, Honor, Justice

Founding Date
The Scales were founded and sanctioned by St Adriel the Judge at the dawn of the Second Era, alongside the Sisters of Mercy (by St Jeriel the Physician) and the Swords of Justice (by St Doriah the Soldier).
Court System
Alternative Names
The Scales, Adriel's Judges
Parent Organization
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