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The Obelisk

One of the mysteries of the first book.

Created and edited by Melodi Frost.

The Obelisk was found on The Crystal Isle when Empress Gaia was only a child. The tall, stone structure is located in a small clearing behind a hill. The Obelisk has mysterious symbols on it, along with six holes; each spherical in shape, located on the structures triangular base (two holes per side). Gaia and her right-hand advisor (Saffron) have been trying to find out what the symbols mean, what goes in the holes, and what it's use was.

Purpose / Function

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The symbols on the tower are in an ancient language. The writing says that whoever can find all six crystals and put them into the tower, they will be granted with unending treasure, but only if they are worthy. Once Saffron opens The Obelisk, there is a big drop down. Flame sees his chance and pushes her in. The main characters get on Penny and fly safely down. It's a crystal cave with paintings and the ancient language all over the walls. They keep going and find a huge door with more writing. ???


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Deep in the cave under The Obelisk is a door leading to a room of treasure, including gold and silver coins, valuable gemstones, ancient tomes and books, and multiple statues of the sun and moon deities.

Hazards & Traps

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The door only opens if you are worthy (meaning if you are good at heart).


No alterations have been made to the structure. Gaia has kept a close watch on it and no one is allowed to build around it, or even touch it, other than Gaia, Saffron, and Lumo.


The appearance of The Obelisk is a triangular tower two times the size of an adult male. There is strange writing on it in an ancient language no one can read. On the base, there are six spherical holes, two holes per side. The top of the tower is a pyramid made of an unknown type of crystal (to be exact, the color of this crystal is dark violet with iridescent, dark blue swirls).


In the early Silver Era, The Obelisk was made to celebrate the win the people had against the dragons.

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They took the treasure from the dragons and put it in a cave under the tower and sealed it up, hiding the keys (the six crystals) across the discovered land. Later the crystals were put into locations that they wouldn't be found or expected to be in (ex. The Rose Centerpiece in The Plant Kingdom).

Alternative Names
The Structure, The Mysterious Tower, or The Ancient Tower.

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Author's Notes

ATTENTION: The things dealing with The Obelisk are going to be very important.   And please refrain from commenting about spoilers.

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