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The Stopped World

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Welcome to the Stopped World, a reality where an apocalyptic event known as the “Disjunction” occurred, the earth divided and merged together again destroying the what is known as the “Old World”, creating a harsh environment, where the ones who were able to survive, became into Gods, and some of them created Gods from the nothingness, thanks by an artifact known as “Grandeur”, where only worthy beings are granted such power to ending become deified or to kill a God; and to their gained power, the gods started to lead other people, in other to build civilizations, or just refuge others. In the moment that many gods and civilizations rise, the gods and their people start to fight against other civilizations until one True Lord is left on this world, creating a cliclic reality and being stagnated by the wars and the monsters who have been raised since the Disjunction. You are one of the hundreds of people who are looking after their place in a devastated world, being called the rest of the world as Adventurer, Hero, Fixer, Mercenary, Wanderer, ect. where you can make living by traveling the world and then retire when you become rich enough, becoming a leader or a warlord and conquer uncharted lands and other civilizations, or even become a God and make a realm that last centuries; in a world filled with a dead silence you can become anything, if you can survive in it

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