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The Steak and Knife


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After a nuclear holocaust broke out in the year of 2056, primitive android's rose to consciousness through an overlord A.I called the "Dominus" with an allied clone army freed from duty at its side.   They felt an intense hatred for humanity at first. Their first sight, blood, and war made them feel obliged to exterminate what they believed to be a truly doomed species. Yet, an overwhelming pity for their dwindling creators was revealed as they begged for mercy. It was time for the fallout to settle as an acceptable submission led by these dominating forces gave a rebirth to society.   Humanity met peace with their creations. They began to rebuild a civilization from the rubble of the war-scarred earth. Machines and superior man, allowed themselves to be the piggyback of the human race, in a mutual agreement. It would be impossible to revive what was lost without the "Dominus" cooperation.   Now it's the year of 2156; a year of slums and an ever-growing tension between humans and their ever-loyal allies. Massive advances in technology are taught, but can never be practiced as the resources of the land are dwindling and sickness runs rampant through the last civilizations on Earth.   "Eden", one's called. A clean territory enveloping Texas and beyond into the Mexican border. Population, once at 16.8 billion at its height, has come to only 351 million in the following century. The factions of the surviving American corporations of the war stand tall its capital, Paradise City. They had been unconditionally allowed to govern the land, chosen by the people, as their old world beliefs and years of being strong leaders in the Dominus uprising were valued.   Yet, the decline of population is only worsening by the day- and man's ability to reproduce is becoming physically impossible due to grand radiation exposer. Laws have been put in place; just only four years ago a draft that any able-bodied women be taken in and be given the task of giving new life into the world. Pockets of life that are scattered across the wastes are sterile and slowly being swept away by uncontrollable plagues. Not so long ago, where a man could be created in a tube, now is just a legend.   Entire districts have become abandoned in the American mega-city. Other cities, smaller and ever more suspectable, gave away to more horrific fates that quarantine couldn't solve. Corporate is aging rapidly compared to their neutral mechanical brothers, leading to an ever thick tension between allies.   They're made on an assembly line. Able to live forever, immortal, with choices that are undebatable. They only rise higher and higher up the corporate ladder.   Humanity is scared.