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Taryn Corr (Tare-in Core)

Upbringing/Training: At the age of 4, my older sister Sheara (age 6) and I were found by a prominent Jedi, and taken to Dantoine to be trained as a jedi. After several weeks of initial evaluation, we were both placed at the Jedi temple on Coruscant. Like most younglings, I became accustomed to the ways of the jedi, although one aspect of miralukan culture always remained important; family. Although the Jedi were taught to let go of attachments, Sheara and I were inseperable in this time training together. As a padawan learner, I was accepted by master Delcor (See Master Delcor), who often took me along on his expeditions, and allowed quite a free hand in his training. Whenever possible, I would meet with Sheara, who was also training on Coruscant, although taught privately by a prominent Jedi in an estate near the temple. During these expeditions, I was introduced to space travel, combat, dungeon diving, and had many close calls.   The Chase/Exile: As I neared the time when most padawans attained knighthood, I realize that Sheara is missing and nobody seems to know anything about it. After months of digging, Master Delcor learns that she dissappeared on a mission to Malachor. She had been working a with a group of Jedi sent to find and destroy Sith artifacts. I leave the order to investigate. With the help of some friends made along the way (two rougue mandalorians and a Selkath), I locate here on Zygerria and create a rescue plan, that involves getting captured by Zygerrian slavers. The plan works great until we find that she is has already escaped and is on the run. When move to intercept and find her in battle, find her relying heavily on dark side force powers. All is well and we return to the temple, but in the following months, she is still scarred by the events. She feels betrayed by the Jedi and her master, Krynda Draay, who did not look after her, and mysteriously hints that she has learned of other force-users besides the jedi and the sith.   I traverse the galaxy for years as a pilot and racer, often ending up getting sidetracked helping my close friends with their own missions. While working for my good friend Moz, a Selkath smuggler, we managed to free a number of prisoners from a pyke group operating with the exchange, and destroy their facility. Spent a few years on Taris as a swoop racer. Czerka Corps sponsers me and my bike is sabatoged. I crash their ship, causes loads of damage. They don't like that and I put a minor bounty on my head.   Master Delcor: Tarwin Delcor wasa a Besalisk Jedi Master during the Old Republic era. Master Delcor was known in his older years as a scholar and teacher, and for his gentle and thoughtful demeanor, as well as his sense of humor. As a jedi knight, Delcor fought during most of the Old Sith wars, and was somewhat of a legend among Jedi Consulars, although he was wounded towards the end of the war. While widely respected by many for his abilities with the force, he had a tendency to go against the grain and certainly didn't always strictly adhere to the jedi code. His interest in artifacts and relics often resulted in frequent trips to various planets with his padawan.   Characteristics Loyal protective of the few that are close to him Sense of family/connection is everything to him. Has experienced with betrayal and deception, often distrusting or skeptical of others until he able to see their character Believes actions mean more than words. Can be reckless, will throw himself in harms way in order to save others   Bonds Currently searching the galaxy for his sister. Has been quite sidetracked, Often forms strong attachments to a few individuals in need and helps them with their quests. Typically fond of other miralukan "Brothers" and "sisters" Indifferent toward Jedi, if not hostile. (Disagrees with the Jedi, because of past experiences. Believes that the Jedi let much evil go unpunished, and that attachments are what give you something to fight for) Hates slavers, and those who abuse power Is known well among the the hidden becks Master Delcor, would go to him in need Moz, good friend Known as small time swoop racer Hates slavers

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