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If you are looking to for a hitman, one who is as talented as they are professional, Count-13 is among the list of names that fit these criteria. Not the most experienced out of all the assassins for hire, but one that doesn't take payment until his job is finished. Something that a lot of the more stingy clientele appreciate. Although his name and popularity is lacking, he has begun to make his mark while working with such infamous players such as King Curney.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Black Chrome with yellow accent lines, Count-13 is a tall lanky android. The Most notable characteristic about him is his round blue glowing eyes, which can be dimmed to allow for more stealth sensitive situations. His metallic armor is fused and implanted into his android body, like a pseudo exoskeleton.

Facial Features

His face is smooth and rounded, more robotic than human. A choice that most androids tend to avoid as it makes assimilating in everyday society. His eyes are rounded lenses that are likely to have some kind of tactical benefit to them.

Physical quirks

He always stands up straight when being addressed and in times of great stress and failure his eyes with begin to blink uncontrollably.

Special abilities

Specialized Equipment

He is equipt with a custom energy sniper along with a few hologram displays that assist him in his shooting.

Mental characteristics


Count-13, being a gun for hire, works for no single employer. Someone who has hired him one day will have a hit on them for Count-13 to see through the next.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Fairly new into the 'assassination game, he does not have any specific accomplishments for him to revel in. A lot of his work have been on small hits, not anybody of a higher notability.

Intellectual Characteristics

Morality & Philosophy


Contacts & Relations

King Curney: Return Employer

True Neutral
Current Location
Absalom Station
Year of Birth
304 (13 years old)
Known Languages

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