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The Spinelands

The Spinelands is a subcontinent on the continent of Tarsis, named after the Broken Spine mountain range that divides it. Dwarven legends claim that the great mountain range is the gargantuan corpse of the evil Titan Raxis, which was cleaved in twine by the mighty dwarven titanborn Durok, thereby creating Ashrune Pass.   Historically, the Spinelands was ruled over by the mighty Dwarves, believing themselves to be the descendants of Durok himself. However, the vast magical forests have always been home to Elves, who have been quietly observing from their well protected forest realms.   Today, the Spinelands is home to all manner of races and creatures that span from the great glades and sunken marshes in the west to the deadly deserts in the east.   The most recent arrivals are the humans, who spread across the lands at an unprecedented rate, carving out formidable kingdoms in their wake.


  • Map of The Spinelands

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