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The Ban Tuur Steppe

Before the arrival of man from the west, there were already humans that roamed the lands. It is believed that these people were originally inhabitants of the polar regions in the south. Oral tradition tell stories of their great exodus from the icy tundra in the south, across the southern mountain ranges, and through the forests. They arrived to the foot of a great fiery mountain called Tuur, where wild spirits roamed. The great ancestors began to worship the mountain, who instructed them to tame the wild spirits of the planes, and ride them in battle. Thus, the people were named the Ban Tuur (Children of Tuur), and they became the Horse Lords of the great Steppe.   The Ban Tuur are fierce nomadic raiders. Before battle, the warriors would paint themselves and their horses in the red, black, grey and white ashes that are harvested from the slopes of the great mountain. They believe that these ashes grant them their superior ferocity in battle, filling them with the rage of the volcano itself.   The Ban Tuur raid the Haldrimian trade caravans, as well as any who are foolish enough to venture into their vast territory.

Alternative Name(s)
The Ashlands, Utangazaar

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