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Nelaam (The Seer)

God of Knowledge

Nelaam is a mysterious figure who dwells among the stars. She alone reads the omens in the sky, and she encourages all to understand the forces of the cosmos and the great plan before they act. She does not control fate, but she does obey it. And so, it is she that presides over the end of mortal lives, collects the souls of the dead, and ushers them to resting place, though some are elevated by Barad or Joran. She is the keeper of the universe’s secrets. Seers, oracles, and lorekeepers revere Nelaam, though not magicians. Arcane magic disrupts the cosmic forces and was only allowed into the world when Nelaam’s sister, Maleen, was freed by Joran. Thus, she dislikes arcane magic. Clerics of knowledge revere Nelaam. High elves favor Nelaam with dispassionate respect rather than devoted reverence. Those who worship Death are often devoted to an aspect of Nelaam.

Greater Diety
Domains: Knowledge, Fate, Death

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