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God of Trickery

Maleen is the sister of Nelaam. Imprisoned amongst the stars, she is a disruptive force that has sown chaos amongst the gods, especially between Joran and Hesta. Maleen is married to Joran, and she has shown herself to be faithful to Joran and seems to truly love him, though both she and Joran have also had numerous relationships with mortals and other beings. Maleen is the witch goddess and the trickster. Although she is disruptive and sows discord wherever she has influence, she is neither overtly evil nor completely destructive. She was instrumental in driving the primordials from the world by helping Joran convince his father to go to war for the world. It is also through her influence that arcane magic functions. Thus, many wizards pay homage to Maleen, as do those who live by trickery and deception, such as spies and thieves. Her influence over the world is greatest when all the moons are dark, for that is when the celestials are turned away from the world and looking out at the stars. Clerics to Maleen are rare and secretive and are generally not very well liked by devotees of the other gods – except Joran. Those that do gain power through her secret cults fall under the domain of Trickery.

Lesser Diety
Domains: Trickery, Magic.

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