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God of Light

Barad rules the Heavens from a great palace on the tallest peak of Mount Celestia. Each day, he commands the sun to rise. He holds himself and the Celestial Host ready for when the Wanderer returns, and he teaches other mortals to do the same, keeping themselves pure and virtuous. He sits in judgment over the world, occasionally punishing the wicked and elevating the best souls to his Celestial Host. But, he cares little for the material world and just as often ignores it. And he does not wish to offend Hesta with his meddling. Paladins of Devotion and Vengeance both swear to uphold justice in Barad’s name and is the patron of rulers, kings, lawmakers, diplomats, and philosophers. Clerics of Light also occasionally serve Barad. Dwarves favor Barad highly.

Greater Diety
Domains: Light, Justice, Order

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