WorldEmber 2021 Pledge

I, Rumengol, pledge to write at least 10 000 words of worldbuilding during December.

November's been pretty hectic, with my first ever NaNoWriMo that I won 2 days ahead, but I'm nowhere near satisfied, especially since I didn't get to write in the world I love at the moment, The Spheres of Oblogga. But now that WorldEmber is coming, I'll have plenty of time to explore the Expanse in the next month.

Main objectives


Since December will be a busy as November, if not busier. Hence, I'm not aiming for many more than ten thousand words, which means about 5-6 big articles. I plan to write more fundamentals of the world, especially the Communications article, which will be the major task. The first story will revolve around The Seekers, and so will most of the next articles.


The second but not the least of the task will be to explain some of the main species, especially the octopus folk inhabiting Oblogga. It will require a lot of research since I want to keep it as hard speculative evolution as possible, excluding the sentient part. That alone could stretch until the end of the month, but I have so much more to write !


What will hatch from the Ember ?

I'm pretty sure not all of these articles will be written this month, but that's what needs to be done in order to finish the most important articles of this world.

  • Oblogga : Obviously, it is already strange that this one hasn't been written yet.
  • The Seekers : As said above, main things will go around this crew, so explaining who they are is mandatory.
  • Communications : The hardest and most important after the previous two, an overview of how civilisations talk to each others in this alien medium.
  • Species : I aim to write the octopus and ray folks, at the very least.
  • The Sunken Gods : An introduction to the religions of the Expanse with one of the most influencial.
  • Politics and lineages : I'm still not sure if it will fir only one article or require many.
  • Memories : Ever-living shells and records of ancient times, to take on the topic of legacy and history.

Side Objectives

Extended Cast

As of now, every character is linked in a way of another to the Seekers. I'd like to introduce characters that have nothing to do with the crew of outcasts, maybe some that aren't even aware of their existence. Having more points of view from the little Llonari would probably help.


A Timeline

Hopefully I'll also be able to fix a timeline (which is not so easy for a world without a time measurement) during the month. I don't really believe it, but it's something that will need to be addressed at some point.


Some Organisation

Actually, this world is a complete mess. There is no categories, no tags, no way to actually sort the articles. It is fine because there are so few of them, but it soon won't suffice, and WorldEmber seems to be a good time to tidy things up.

And with it, I'll be satisfied of the base of the world. But that is not all, far from it ! If I have time I'll write about the unique Spire, the mysterious Clouds, how colors are perceived, and the feeding habits of some cultures. Best of luck to everyone going for WorldEmber, I'm already hyped to read these wonderful words ! Many articles awaits, so breathe deeply, because we are about to dive in !

Cover image: by pxfuel


Author's Notes

So I realized most of the main objective articles are already WIPs with several hundred of words written and can't be counted. I still aim to write them this month, but some other less important will surely come up earlier than expected.

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29 Nov, 2021 06:42

Awesome! You'll smash that 10k goal for sure with everything you have lined up for this World Ember. If only time is with us, right? ^^ Best of luck and have lots of fun this World Ember! I'm looking forward to reading your work. :D

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Sage Coral Sands
Coral Sands
29 Nov, 2021 23:58

Congrats on your NaNo win as well! Sounds like you have a good foundation to hit your goals for World Ember as well!