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The Saeric Throwbacks

“I do not understand the adoration of the Throwback. If any other corpse had crawled its way out of the grave, we would not hesitate to nail it back inside its coffin in pieces. You claim he is Saint-sent to warn us of Perdition; well, I say he is perdition-sent to leads us, dancing, to its depths! I would not speak his warnings to my congregation. I would not pray to the Saints in thanks for his life. In truth, my lords, I would not give a scab off my arse for him.”
— From the sedition trial of Father Varfolomei Andreevich; quote from The Sorrow of Souls, Book One: Harbinger


  The first mankind knew of the danger to their immortal Souls was Great Confiscation - when those with Power in their veins were slaughtered by the Raven. What mankind did not realise was that the Phoenix had been murdered, Her mercies had been stripped away, and the Raven had started to change the hallowed sanctuary of Death.   The Throwback were raised from Perdition seven years after the Great Confiscation. It was the night after one of the Hubraic Wars’ bloodiest battles, and three corpses crawled their way out of a mass burial pit. Something had freed them from Death, transforming these three unremarkable, insignificant humans into mankind's greatest salvation from death.  

Rosceline Chauviré

Rosceline Chauviré
Rosceline Chauviré (pronounced Sh-OW-ve-RAY) was a camp follower of the Lormontain army. She was said to have been tending the wounded when a centaur unit broke through their weakened defences, killing the injured and their attendants.   Of the three Throwbacks, Chauviré was the first to display her newly-gained Power. The second son of the Lormontain King had been rescued from the battlefield early into the fighting. Rejecting the hysterical insistance of the gravedigging-soldiers who had watched the three corpses crawl out of a mass burial pit, the physicians instead
concluded that the Throwbacks had been knocked unconscious and mistaken for dead. Chauviré - growing increasingly frustrated and frantic by the physicians' refusal to heed her words - pushed them aside and ran to the beside of the prince. When the medics reached her, they were horrified to see the woman's light blue eyes were burning the colour of hellfire - and she was touching the Prince's head.   Assuming that she was a Hominid assassin sent to finish the Prince, the physicians called for the guards, only to recoil in horror as the King's son finally opened his eyes. By that point, all had concluded that the young man would soon succumb to his injuries.  

Julius Gravestein

Julius Gravestein had been a spearman for clan Lorkeers, and fought with the Kredasene army. Testimony from men in his unit claimed that Gravestein's skull had been cleaved by a menotaur that had managed to overwhelm their lands. They were Gravestein's most ardent supporters after his resurrection, and served as his bodyguards in the years following their return to Kredashmi.   Gravestein did not display his Power until the ship returning troops to Kredashmi became caught in the grasp of a savage Saeric storm. Admist the panic, Gravestein
Julius Gravestein by Brinsmead
emerged from below deck. Eyes burning the colour of hellfire, the Kredasene Throwback banished the fury of the waves and the tempest of the wind around them. Witnesses claimed that it was as if a corridor of calm opened up around the ship, which Gravestein's Power alone propelled them through. The helmsman would later swear that he could step away from the wheel.  

Čedomir Ilyuhkin

Čedomir Ilyuhkin (pro. Ch-ed-o-MIR Il-ee-ooh-kin) had been ostler with the Raskvaerii army. When his master was slain in battle, his horse bolted and made a dash for their front lines. Ilyuhkin disobeyed orders and attempted to rescue the horse, and was shot from behind with an arrow.   After hearing rumours about his emergence from the burial pit, the captain who had ordered Ilyuhkin's death attempted to have Ilyuhkin arrested. When he refused to leave Chauviré or Gravestein's side, the captain pulled his sword on Ilyuhkin - prompting this Throwback's first display of Power, as the
captain suddenly convulsed violently, and dropped dead.
by Daniel Jensen

Criticism of the Throwbacks


Rosceline Chauviré

  When Rosceline Chauviré returned to Lormont, it was to a hero's welcome. The King bestowed great riches on the woman who had saved his son's life, and invited her to be a spiritual advisor to him. However, their relationship quickly changed to something more physical...   This illict union was deeply disliked by several factions within the royal court, and the King died under mysterious circumstances five years later. His eldest son and heir - who believed the circulating rumours that the Throwbacks were demons or SkinWalkers rather than returned spirits - banished Chauviré. She travelled to Raskvaeric with the Prince whose life she had saved after the battle; together, they invited Raskvaeric to come to Lormont and make them a vassal state of the empire. Together, they returned to Lormont and helped bring the country under Raskvaerii control.  

Julius Gravestein

  Section under construction  

Čedomir Ilyuhkin

  In The Sorrow of Souls, Book One: Harbinger, a Saint-Servant has been studying the histories of the Raskvaerii Karrs. Lurking in the shadows, Čedomir Ilyuhkin cuts a troubling figure in the tales of assassination and intrigue. For a man brought back by the will of the Saints, or the true but unseen gods - or whatever mankind now claims - he has always denied having any premonitions of their impending deaths.   If he can prove that Ilyuhkin knew of the assassinations, and did nothing, despite his Power, to stop them, then he will not rest until he brings the Throwback to justice...

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Cover image: by Michael Schaffler


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