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The Dunheuvelin Blade

The Dunheuvelin Blade (pronounced DUN-hoy-fel-in) is the sword of Gerard Dunheuvelin, the infamous son of Ulrich Dunheuvelin, first Earl of The Vuurfelde (The Firefields). It was weilded by Dunheuvelin during the Kredasene Rising of 40 SGC, culminating in the Battle of Alahnis. It was during this battle that the blade was used to kill König Miron Marszalek, the first Raskvaerii König of Kredashmi. The Dunheuvelin Blade is currently held in the Mother Temple in Latharin, and has been bestowed with the status of relic in recognition of the fact that König Miron has been declared a martyr and Saint.  

Name and Origin

Although the sword is now commonly referred to as the Dunheuvelin Blade, the sword's original name was Edifeirwych, which means 'repentance' in the Varsii tongue. This would suggest that the sword passed into the Dunheuvelin family from the König-Slayer's maternal Trevithick family. It is unlikely that the Dunheuvelin Blade was the favoured sword of Cadfan Trevithick, because a different weapon was retrieved from his body after the Final Battle of 17 SGC. That sword is currently held in the royal armoury in Schwannstryd Palais.
by Ricardo Cruz

The Battle of Alahnis

Gerard Dunheuvelin by Caitlin Phillips


Following the proclamation advertising the trial of Beatrijs Roermond, the Witch of Boerhaaven, Gerard Dunheuvelin found himself with a volatile crowd that could take word of the Raskvaerii's supposed plans back out into the country. He and his brother managed to muster a following of roughly 9,000 people, which marched on the city of Alahnis. When Ulrich Dunheuvelin's peace negotiations with his sons failed, König Miron summoned his army against the rebels.

The Martyrdom of König Miron

Discussions of Gerard Dunheuvelin's actions during the Battle of Alahnis generally focus on his infamous act of calling the last Kredasene dragon out of hiding to fight alongside the rebel army. Despite this, contemporary accounts of the battle agree that Dunheuvelin primarily fought with the Dunheuvelin Blade. After the dragon was felled by a harpoon, König Miron challenged Dunheuvelin to face him on the battlefield. It was said that the dragon's dying screams distracted the König just long enough for Dunheuvelin to slay him. Prince Henrik, who was present at the duel, demanded Dunheuvelin be seized and taken back to the Raskvaerii camp. Contrary to his orders, the Knights of the König's Body immediately attacked and overwhelmed the rebel leader, killing him. In the silence that followed, the Dunheuvelin Blade was retrieved by General Mariusz Senyavin. It was allegedly presented to the new König before he was offered his father's crown.
Oorlogsveld, outside the city of Alahnis by Caitlin Phillips
König Miron
Behold! This is the one true blade wielded by the rebel, Gerard Dunheuvelin. It was this blade that cut down the Martyred Son of our Empire, the Raskvaeric König of Kredashmi, Saint Miron, during the Battle of Alahnis. This blade was used for evil, in the hands of evil, but it has been redeemed by the blood of a true martyr.
— Father Radimir Ekhorin during the Ceremony of Reconciliation, 252 SGC

Ceremonial Use

  As is the custom in Raskvaeric, the making or renewing of an Oath of Allegiance and Empire must be done in the sight of the weapon carried by the offender or their dissident kinsman. In the wake of his sons' rebellion, Ulrich Dunheuvelin was required by König Henrik to make the Oath of Allegiance and Empire at his coronation. He did so at the end of the Dunhevelin Blade.

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Cover image: by Michael Schaffler


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