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Field of the Kingslain

In the north-west of Kredashmi, between the towns of Illensbelt and Mariekedorp, lies the Battlefield of Illensbelt. Known colloquially as 'Königsfeslaan' (Field of the Kingslain), the battlefield stretches for 2.7 miles (4.3 km), and lies in the shadow of Little Carokin, the smallest of the outlier mountains in the Drachenhoëbergs range. This expanse of land is best known for the Battle of the Kingslain, which was the final battle in the Conquest of Kredashmi.  


Prior to the battle, the area between Illensbelt and Mariekedorp had historically been given over to farming. However, given that it served as the stage for such a pivotal moment in the country's history, the newly-crowned Raskvaerii-König Miron declared the battlefield to be a sacred site. The battlefield is revered for being the location where the last Kredasene-König was slain, and partly to it being the final resting place
to thousands of soldiers in mass burial pits.  

Flora and Fauna

by Sergey Chuprin
The battlefield has been continuously cultivated as a wildflower meadow for the last two-hundred and thirty-three years. A range of seasonal flowers grow here, including purple dragons-teeth, white widow's favours, bloody rosettes (and the black-splotted 'grapeshot' varient), and yellow König's gold.   A pale-grey flower called dying man's breath grows in large quantities across the meadow in mid-autumn. These frothy clusters of flowers have a sweet taste when boiled, and are harvested by locals in order to create Illensbelt Liquor. It should be noted that elsewhere in Kredashmi, this flower is called meadowfog and is also used to create liquor; however, only the flowers harvested from the battlefield, and the alcohol made from it,
are allowed to bear their respective names.
by Brinsmead

Landscape Information

Size: 2.7 miles (4.3 km)
Battle date: 17SGC
Year Dedicated: 19SGC
Belligerants: Kredasene Army and Raskvaerii Army

Landscape Features:

  • Battlefield Ossuary
  • Memorial plinth for Kredasene army
  • Memorial column for Raskvaerii army
  • Four (recorded) burial pits
  • One Everyman's Sanctum
  • One shrine to Saint Svetozar Dudar, Patron Saint of Soldiers Slain During the Kredasene Invasion

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Cover image: by Michael Schaffler


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