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Commission of the Fallen

In regards to the honoured dead, it is right and proper that respect should be shown to each fallen soldier, regardless of their belief in either the impotent deity of the Everyman or our own blessed Chorus of Saints.
— Writ of König Miron I, 17SGC
  The Commission of the Fallen was an organisation founded in Kredashmi by Miron Marszalek, in response to Raskvaeric’s successful invasion of Kredashmi. The purpose of the organisation was to retrieve, bury and, in rare instances, identify the dead on the battlefields swiftly and respectfully, regardless of allegiance or religion.  


While the various Kredasene clans were no strangers to skirmishes and battles, the Kredasene were unprepared for the level of destruction caused by the Raskvaerii Invasion. The size of battles and the resulting casualties were like nothing the Kredasene had ever experienced, and their informal methods of identifying the fallen could not keep up with their sheer numbers. This presented the very real posibility that thousands of families across the country would never be able to retrieve their loved one's bodies and return them to their clan lands for burial.
The Knight In The Cemetery by Unknown (Kołobrzeg Cathedral Basilica, Kołobrzeg, Poland)
  Josefien Therese, the daughter of the last Kredasene-König, Henryk III, felt the predictament of these families very keenly. Before agreeing to marry the man who had conquered her country and slain her father, the princess presented the new Raskvaerii-König with undecided number of conditions. This included a reponse to the callousness the Raskvaerii had shown towards the bodies of their foes in the wake of the battles and skirmishes that had ravaged the land. König Miron saw this as an opportunity to foster a feeling of mutual respect between the two sides, rallying both the Kredasene and Raskvaerii behind a shared cause.  

Burials and Memorials

One of his first acts as König, Miron I established the Writ for the Commission of the Fallen. It stipulated that an effort would be made to respectfully bury the dead according to their own beliefs, and returns those who could be identified back to their homes. Although the most recent conflict in the invasion was the Battle of the Kingslain, it was still a long and arduous process to sort the dead that littered the field into three main mass graves: Raskvaerii, Kredasene and
unidetermined. At battlefields from earlier in ther conflict, the creation of memorials was considered the primary focus given the deterioration and looting of the bodies made it harder to accurately distinguish sides.
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