Tresc Nuoncestu

Tresc Nuoncestulisten (Heshian for "City of Crystals") is a mining colony established by the Heshian Syndicate on the minor realm of Mieda Norcal. It is one of the major sources of elemental crystals, giving the Syndicate a high amount of control over the crystal trade.  


Mieda Norcal was first discovered by the Heshian Syndicate in 452 PC. From the Sora, it appeared to be a relatively uninteresting minor realm, small and sparsely covered with scrub brush and vermin, its only notable feature the purple hue of its plants. The explorers marked it on their charts and left it behind. Five years later, a damaged soraship crashed on the realm following an encounter with pirates. The ship was rendered inoperable, a third of those onboard were killed, and the rest were all suffering from injuries of varying severity.   Thankfully, one of the passengers was a mage. Unfortunately, he was not powerful enough to send a message to any nearby realms. They would need to be lucky enough to spot a passing ship and send a message to someone on board. Weeks passed without any ships passing and the survivors began to run out of water. They decided to try digging a well in the hopes of hitting groundwater. Instead, after a few feet, they found a barrier of crystals blocking their progress. At first, the survivors despaired, but the crystals were soon identified by the mage as elemental crystals. The survivors continued to excavate the area until, after two days of work, they found a rare aether crystal. The mage was able to use the crystal to boost his power, sending a distress message out to the nearest realm.   The knowledge that the realm contained a source of elemental crystals soon drove prospectors to it. The first set down at the site of the crash. They found the deposit of crystals even larger than expected, with a significant portion of the realm's crust made up of them. It quickly became apparent that a small cadre of miners would be insufficient to fully exploit it. The Syndicate laid claim to the realm and the dux appointed the Viogascnomo family as the governors of Mieda Norcal. The family quickly brought in experienced miners to lead the effort.   The settlement quickly grew from a small outpost into a bustling city. Today, it acts as the capital of Mieda Norcal and is home to just over 1.2 million people, the largest and most prosperous city on the realm.  


Tresc Nuoncestu sits on a broad, flat plain, covering an area of 210 km2. While originally far from any sources of fresh water, the Irdi Canal was built in 491 PC to bring drinking water to the city. The canal runs through the southern side of the city, splitting off the northern residential and commercial districts from the mines to the south. The city is divided up into seven wards, based on age. Ward 1 is a mixed residential and commercial sits in the center of the city and houses the city's docking spire near its southern border with Ward 3. It is the wealthiest ward, home to the city's elites and rich. Ward 2 sits to its east and is the governmental center, home to the governor's mansion and other civic buildings. Ward 3 is the south of Ward 1 and is primarily residential, having been built as the first expansion as the city grew. Ward 4, to the east of Ward 3 and south of Ward 2, is a commercial district and home to most of the city's ordinary businesses, both high end and common. Ward 5 is to the east of Ward 4 and is home to the majority of the working population of the city. It is the largest district, both by size and population. Ward 6 is to the west of Ward 3 is the smallest ward, serving as a residential, commercial, and recreational district. It has a cultivated park consisting of off-realm plants and animals, giving the people of the city a location to relax and connect to nature. Ward 7 is across the canal and contains the mines and infrastructure supporting them.  


A little over 1.2 million people live in Tres Nuoncestu. The majority of the population, just over 47%, are dwarves, most from the Heshian Syndicate, but a small number immigrants from the Koganusân Kingdom. Goblins make up the next largest group, with 29% of the populace coming from some goblin background, while humans, at 19% make up the third largest minority. The rest of the population is a mixture of other species.

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