Thelire is the home realm of the Bláthaofa Kingdom. A lush garden world, the realm is home entirely to elves of various types.  

Physical Description

Thelire is a fairly standard sphere realm, roughly 5000 km in diameter. It formed out of the elemental chaos roughly 11000 years ago, with its twelve native gods shaping the terrain over the next thousand years. The realm has twelve distinct biomes; the oceans, the rivers, the forests, the jungles, the savanna, the plains, the islands, the taiga, the mountains, the marshes, the deserts, and the tundra. In the distant past, a thirteenth realm of the wastes existed, but it has been eliminated by the inhabitants and replaced by a mixed of the plains and forest biomes. Each biome is contiguous with itself; the realm has one large ocean, one connected network of rivers, one massive forest, one mountain range, and so forth.   The realm has relatively temperate climate, hot in the western hemisphere, cold in the eastern hemisphere, dry in the northern hemisphere, and wet in the southern hemisphere. It has four standard seasons, each lasting roughly three and a quarter months, with a year lasting thirteen months, each month consisting of 39 days. Weather is fairly standard for the biome and season, with no particularly unusual weather events.   The realm is lit by Se, a confluence of elemental fire that sits roughly 1000km away from the surface and orbits around the realm on a 26 hour cycle.  

Native Life

Thelire has a diverse ecology, with numerous different plant, animal, and fungal species. Birds dominate the skies, mammals dominate the land, and fish dominate the waters, with relatively few reptile, insect, or other species. Plantlife is more diverse, though fungi are mostly limited to small mushrooms. Species tend to be limited to a single biome. The native sapient species on Thelire are elves. Thelire's most abundant natural resource is its plantlife. Several rare and sought after fruits grow on the realm, particularly the ili and hilano. Wood from Thelire is known for its density and ease of working, though little gets exported due to Bláthoan objection to cutting down living trees.
Included Organizations
Owning Organization

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