Tashur is a minor realm in the demesne of the Daren Hegemony. The realm is somewhat backward and is a relatively new addition to the Sora, having only established a permanent port, Hyathe Peak, in the past century. As Tashur itself contains little of value to the greater Sora, Hyathe Peak typically serves as a port of call on the shipping line between the Daren Hegemony and the Heshian Syndicate.  

Physical Description

Tashur is a large square toroid; a ring-shaped realm approximately 2,000 km thick and 6,000 km in diameter. Tashur rotates around the Pillar of Ashan, a spindle-shaped spire of glass over 10,000 km in length that provides light and heat to the realm. The majority of the population lives on the top and bottom sides of the toroid, as the inner surface is scorched in constant light, while the outer surface is frozen in eternal darkness. Gravity pulls toward the ground of the toroid, so that when a person passes over an edge, they are subject to a quick and often disorienting change in gravity. Because of this, overland travel between the faces of Tashur is rare; it is mostly accomplished through tunnels dug by the native inauri.   The landscape of Tashur is quite varied, with virtually every biome found in some degree. The climate tends to be warmer and drier toward the center of toroid and colder toward the edge, though this is a generality rather than a rule due to the presence of oceans, mountains, chasms, and other natural features which affect the weather.  

Native Life

Tashur has four major native species:  
  • Humans are the most numerous and widespread species on Tashur, making up roughly 40% of the population. They are similar to humans on most other realms.
  • Inauri are a species of short, burrowing creatures which resemble ground squirrels. They are the second most populous species on Tashur, accounting for roughly 35% of the population. Their underground kingdoms consist of thousands of kilometers of tunnels which provide the primary form of transportation between the surfaces Tashur.
  • Bassar are lithe, dexterous creatures resembling ringtails which tend to inhabit the more arid, warmer regions of Tashur. They account for roughly 15% of the population on the realm. They are often nomadic and tend toward living in small bands rather than forming large cities.
  • Vitulina are robust, seal-like creatures who dwell in the cold and oceanic regions of Tashur. They are the smallest of the major species, making up roughly 10% of the realm's populace. While they live mostly on land, they are capable swimmers and are able to spend many days swimming through the oceans. Thus, they are the most likely to travel overland across the faces of Tashur, utilizing the buoyancy of the oceans to protect them from the sudden changes in gravity.
  Tashur has a fairly rural, segregated population, with only a few major countries having much in the way of diversity. The most diverse country, by far, is the Republic of Arkron, in which Hyathe Peak resides.
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